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Samson is a film production hub based in Nepal.  We specialize in storytelling through film: from pre-production through to post-production.

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Since its launch in 2015, Samson has been a trusted resource for those currently involved in film production or those who need the services of a documentary film maker  or production house.  Our services include fixing, post-production, observational documentary production, line production, digitizing videos, project progress films, and logistics and travel, to name a few. We strive to combine services to match your creative needs, style, budget and location. Our professional team is committed to provide you the best possible service and creativity.

We work in the field of short news stories, observational documentaries, success stories, project progress films, feature films, and in logistics associated with pre-production and production filming.

At Samson, we understand that each project’s need and story is different. Our strength lies in our local knowledge and technical know-how that we promise to deliver in all of our projects.  Although we deal in all the above named types of filming, we focus on observation style documentary filming in Nepal.


Why Filming in Nepal ?

In a nutshell, Nepal is THE place for endless possibilities.

Snow-capped mountain ranges, pristine lakes, steamy jungles, desolate landscapes, alpine forests and unique wildlife on the one hand, world heritage sites and colorful festivals and cultural events on the other. Add to the mix the different ethnic groups and experiences and the fact everyone carries their own unique story. From heart-racing cliff honey hunters to thought-provoking menstrual seclusion, Nepal is visually unique with a thousand stories to tell.

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